Best Quality Box Trailers In Dubbo

Mechid Trailers – the best box trailers in Dubbo

Are you looking for the best box trailers in Dubbo? Do you need a company that sells you the best spare parts for these trailers as well? If that is indeed the case, you need not look any further than us at Mechid Trailers.

Exactly what you are looking for

You can be confident that we can supply the perfect for your needs. We are an Australian-owned business and we are spread across several locations in this vast and wonderful country. We offer you a whole range of products at our Dubbo site. We are proud to state that we manufacture our products using only Australian steel.

This includes the 6 x 4 trailers that are popular for domestic use. We also have the 20 x8 trailers that are used only by tradesmen in Australia. We also have many other kinds of box trailers on offer.

Aluminium specialists

We are also specialists in products made from aluminium as well. This means that all the spare parts and tools that you buy for your trailers from us are made from aluminium. If you want customised products made from alloys, we can get that done for you as well.

We use marine-grade aluminium for these box trailers in Dubbo. and we always produce welds with a full seam.

Our reputation

We have collaborated with some of the best engineering firms in the region to manufacture our popular range of box trailers in Dubbo. This is how we have been able to come up with products that are known for their strength, endurance, and overall quality. Our team is made up of people who specialise in trailer manufacturing and design. They are highly trained and experienced. You can be confident that they will help you every step of the way. We are really proud of our trailers. They are long-lasting and give you exactly what you need from them.