Modern Designed Trailers In Mudgee

Mechid Trailers – the best trailers in Mudgee

Mechid Trailers have been serving the Mudgee area for some time now. This is one reason why we are so well known when it comes to trailers in Mudgee. We offer you trailers that are galvanised and painted in Australia itself. We also import galvanised trailers that we test and design before selling to the Australian market. Our trailers are of great quality as well as being competitively priced!

The products that we offer

We offer the following kinds of trailers for our buyers in Mudgee:

  • box trailers
  • tabletop trailers
  • tandem box trailers
  • tipper trailers
  • stock trailers
  • hard tops
  • car trailers
  • ATV (all-terrain vehicle) trailers
  • Our box trailers

We offer single axle box trailers. They are built in such a way that they can deal with the heaviest load that you can possibly imagine. At the same time, they are within the tare weight registration that is applicable in this regard. This keeps registration costs low at around $63 annually. A single axle trailer does not need to be inspected by road authorities each year.

Our tandem trailers

Our tandem trailers are heavy-duty vehicles. They have all the features that you need from such vehicles. This includes areas such as the following:

  • GVM (gross vehicle mass)
  • slipper strings
  • disc override brakes
  • checker plate floors
  • checker plate guards
  • drawbars

These machines are extremely strong while being easily reversed and towed as well. They also come with mudguard supports at the back and at the front. This provides them with the durability that you are looking for. They have tie-down rails on all 4 sides as well. Our tandem box trailers come with high sides and standard sides.